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19/04/18 10:29AM
Suit the color of the 12 zodiac girls dress!
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White sheep female: champagne color; Aries is a sign of enthusiasm, courage to accept challenges and optimism, and Aries loves freedom and freedom. But Aries people don't talk too impulsively, and keep your mouth open. Taurus woman: rice white; Taurus people are trustworthy, have a plan, and have a regular life. Taurus has great endurance, and they are willing to give people they...


18/04/18 07:38AM
How do you tie the bandage behind the bridesmaid dress
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Bridesmaid dresses are not tied up at the back of the dress, so how do you tie the bandage behind the bridesmaid dresses?

1. When you take...


11/07/16 04:46AM
Fashion Week founder gearing up for 8th event
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Brandon Campbell has a hard time believing it has been seven years since he founded and introduced what has become one of the more anticipated events of the summer: Little Rock Fashion Week.

"It goes by fast," he says. "It seems like yesterday. But then ... when you start seeing some of your models [and other participants] that you remember from 2009 graduating...


23/06/16 04:08AM
Is This The Most Painfully Hipsterrific Wedding Announcement You’ve Ever Read? The Answer Is Yes
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  Announcing your nuptials in The New York Times is a sacred and important ritual that rich people have been performing for years. After all, if you don’t have someone write up your entire relationship in rosy detail for the delight of millions, did you really have a relationship in the first place? Is it truly worth getting married? That answer is a resounding...


15/06/16 04:02AM
Now the sector is looking shaky.
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GENEVA, Switzerland — Over the last 30 years, high-end fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Hermès and Louis Vuitton have sunk billions into developing luxury watch strategies. Chanel’s first watch, the Première, came in 1987. Others followed suit. Louis Vuitton, for one, opened a watch division in 2002. Ralph Lauren launched its debut watch collection in 2009. Many of these...


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